In Memory of Joyce Grayson

As the entire home health community continues to reel from the tragic and senseless death of visiting nurse Joyce Grayson, murdered during a patient visit in Connecticut, we continue to keep Joyce, her family, friends, and home health colleagues in our minds and hearts.

Nationally, and in Vermont, we have seen an increase in violence against health care workers. The bravery of home health and hospice workers is a topic that is not discussed nearly enough. They routinely enter unknown environments and situations to deliver care to those who need it.

No person should have to fear for their life while providing compassionate health care to our communities. Safety is a top priority for our home health and hospice agencies. Each are re-examining the actions they take every day to protect their staff and as an association we are evaluating whether there are policy actions Vermont can take to better protect home health care workers from violence in the homes they serve.

Joyce Grayson will remain in our thoughts as the home health community at-large comes together to heal from this horrific event.

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