Care for Children & Families

Services for Mothers & Babies

Every family wants the best for their baby. Preparing for childbirth, bringing a newborn home, and caring for a child can be challenging and raise many questions. Your local VNAs of Vermont agency can help by providing support, information and nursing care.

Pediatric Therapies and Nursing

VNAs of Vermont agencies care for young children ages birth to 18 years old with developmental delays. We provide medical assessments, skilled nursing care, and physical, occupational and speech therapies.

Strong Families Vermont®

Member agencies of the VNAs of Vermont provide support to vulnerable, first-time mothers and their babies through the Strong Families Vermont program. Our nurses visit mothers in their homes starting early in the pregnancy to provide support, education and counseling on health, behavioral issues, and self-sufficiency. Visits continue until the child’s second birthday to ensure the best possible outcomes for the family.

Strong Families Vermont programs are available through a VNAs of Vermont member agency in almost every county in the State. This program is part of the State of Vermont’s Children’s Integrated Services and is designed to enhance the lives of children and families. For more information about the national program, please visit the Strong Families Vermont website.

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