Hospice Care

Hospice care promotes dignity and quality of life during the last months of life. This specially coordinated, comprehensive program provides quality medical care and support to children and adults with terminal illness, allowing them to enjoy their last months surrounded by the people they love in a setting that is familiar and comfortable for them – home.

The hospice team, which includes nurses, social workers, licensed nursing assistants, trained volunteers, chaplains, support staff, a bereavement coordinator, and a medical director, delivers the hospice care. Members of the team work to manage symptoms, with a special focus on pain control, to increase and enhance the quality of life for the patient.

Hospice offers support for individuals, encouraging them to keep as much control as possible over their circumstances, care decisions and environment, while also supporting the family. Care is tailored to the unique physical, spiritual and emotional needs of each patient and family.

Hospice care is available wherever one chooses to reside – in private homes, extended nursing homes, assisted living facilities, the hospital, or at Vermont Respite House (a dedicated residence for hospice patients).

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