Managing Chronic Illness

Managing a chronic illness or a long-term disability can be overwhelming. Your VNAs of Vermont agency will work with you to help manage the impact of your condition, regain your independence and achieve the best possible health and quality of life. Nurse-led teams provide skilled home health care services and education to help you or your loved one who is learning to cope with the management of an illness or disease.

How our services can help you

A specially-trained interdisciplinary team of care providers work with you and your physician to establish goals and tailor a comprehensive plan of care to meet your needs. Through coaching, education and advanced technology like telemonitoring, we can help you and your loved ones learn self-management skills to help you feel more confident with living with your disease.

Our care services include:

  • Assessment of physical status and vital signs
  • Coordination of care among your physicians and other community services
  • Education about your disease
  • Assistance with managing your medications
  • Support in daily activities and personal care such as bathing and dressing
  • Social worker support, including advance directive planning and counseling for you and your family

Contact your local VNAs of Vermont agency to learn more about home health services in Vermont and how we can assist with the needs of you and your loved ones. Find your agency using our interactive map, zip code look-up, or call us today at 855-4-THE VNA.

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